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At Physioteq we have a range of services which can help you start moving in the right direction

At some time in our lives we all get aches and pains. Our Physiotherapists can help you with your symptoms and get you back on track. At Physioteq we use a broad range of treatment approaches including manual therapy & manipulation, soft tissue massage, exercise therapy and electrotherapy.

Aches and pains

Whether it be a troubling niggle or a full blown injury, our team will use their experience of working in elite and international sport to support you back to your full competitive best.

Sports injuries

Children are not just small adults. By definition, you will not see a child or adolescent with an issue related to growth in the adult population. Tom Quantrell is one of the country’s leading physiotherapists in the field of child and adolescent musculoskeletal disorders. Book to see him today.

Children & adolescents

In a lot of cases having a lot of joint movement can be a benefit. In some cases this excess movement can cause problems. Our physiotherapists at Physioteq specialise in the assessment and management of hypermobility. Book to discuss with us today.

Hyper mobility

Whether you need to recover from a strenuous sporting event, you’ve been sat in the office for more hours that is probably healthy or you just want a treat to make you feel better, our soft tissue therapists can help you back to feeling refreshed.

Soft Tissue & Sports Massage

Physiotherapy for Performing Artists involves the assessment and treatment of musculoskeletal disorders in performing artists such as instrumental musicians, dancers, circus performers and actors. We ensure the performer understands the background to their injury and work on strategies to prevent recurrence.

Performing Arts

Acupuncture has been used for centuries for treatment of many problems. At Physioteq we specialise in the use of acupuncture for pain control. Our acupuncture treatments will often be combined with other strategies such as exercise.


Appropriately prescribed exercise has been shown to aid in the symptoms of arthritis. At Physioteq we work closely with a number of local rheumatologists and sports medicine consultants to provide a holistic approach to addressing arthritis symptoms.


Physiotherapy after orthopaedic surgery is vital to optimise recovery. From knee arthroscopies to joint replacements and everything in between, take advantage of our post-operative packages to get you moving in the right direction.

Post Operative

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